Steps for Residents & Consumers

Take Advantage of all your community has to offer

1. Join Every.CITY

This step only takes seconds. We ask your for your name, your Default City and County that determines which city and county services will be available to you, and that's it.

We will send you an email from which you need to open and click the validate link so we know you are really you, and you are good to go.

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2. Set Specialty Website Preferences

When you go to the Home Page of your city or county, 6 of the 24 Specialty Websites are displayed, but they are ones we guessed you would want to see. To see a different Specialty Website, you need to click the graphic "View All Specialty Websites," and then click the one you want.

But if you don't live in an apartment, chances are you don't care about the Apartments Specialty website. Or if you don't have any pets, you probably don't care about the Pets Specialty Website either. The bottom line is you can select whichever Specialty Websites you care about and want to see on your Home Page so you can select it immediately. And you can change which Specialty Websites you would like to see whenever you like.

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3. View News Items

Read the latest News Items posted by local businesses and organizations. With the Covid-19 pandemic right now, and the various phases businesses are going through, you will know what each business is doing to provide the safest environment for you possible, as well as what expectations they have for customers that come into their store.

When businesses add new products or services, you will know about that. When they add a new piece of equipment that enables them to provide better service options, you will know about that as well. It is so much more interesting to know what is happening in your community.

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4. View Specials

Wouldn't it be nice if all your local businesses put their Specials in the same place? They can with Every.CITY, where the Specials will be displayed at either the City or the County level. Also, this provides an opportunity to save some money and support your local businesses at the same time.

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5. View Master Event Calendar

Don't you hate it when you hear about an Event after it has already happened? Now you can know about all the local Events, before they happen. And with the Master Event Calendar, at both the City and County levels, you can also better plan for those Events you are interested in attending.

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6. View Help Wanted Ads

Are you looking for a new job, or do you know someone who is looking for a new job? Every.CITY is the place to look. You can look at the city level or expand your search to the entire county as well. And if you don't mind traveling to the county next door, add a Quick Link so you can quickly switch back and forth between adjacent counties.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, lots of people will be looking for jobs, so get a heads up with Every.CITY.

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7. Free Educational Programs

Tired of having to nag and argue with your children to learn? Now you can help your children learn math skills with MathForPrizes. No need to constantly remind them -- just set the prize, number of problems and number of minutes and leave them alone to learn. Also learn state capitals, foreign languages, first aid, and much more with our free prize apps. And check out the prizes offered by local businesses for a way to take advantage of those prizes as well.

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8. Submit Merchant Requests for Products or Services

Do you need something, but you are not sure which business to call? Just enter your request, select the appropriate Business Category, and we will send email to all those businesses that have indicated their interest in receiving your requests. And then sit back and Let businesses compete for your needed products or services.

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10. Earn Free Products or Services

Regular Coupons usually cost you money to redeem, but you can earn free Products and Services with our "Referral Coupon Program" by just spreading the word about Every.CITY. All you have to do is provide your friends with your Referral Code, either by using our email templates, or by using our Social Media graphic templates and earn Referral Points. Convert these Referral Points to free Products and Services Coupons provided by local businesses. (Businesses can then convert the points to savings in Every.CITY as well.)

And as another side benefit, you will be strengthening the community engagement aspect of Every.CITY where it will become more cost-effective for your entire community.

11. Focus your Searches

Tired of using the standard Search Engines and getting ads and results from everywhere? Save time by using our Specialty Websites (on the right) that use the same database, but which restrict the events, specials, news items, help wanted ads and business listings to only those items that are relevant to that Specialty.

12. Quick Links to other Cities & Counties

Tired of checking multiple communities for what you are looking for? With Every.CITY, you can customize your Home Pages with links to other Cities and Counties, along with which Specialty Websites you want displayed.

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13. Specialty Websites

24 Websites to quickly get your specialty information.

  • • Apartments
  • • Business
  • • Computers
  • • Crafts
  • • Education
  • • Family
  • • Financial
  • • Fitness

  • • For Sale
  • • Government
  • • Healthcare
  • • House
  • • Legal
  • • Organizations
  • • Pets
  • • Real Estate

  • • Religion
  • • Restaurants
  • • Services
  • • Sports
  • • Stores
  • • Tourism
  • • Vehicles
  • • Wedding

14. Post Yard Sales

Post your Yard Sales for Free, and they are searchable.

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15. Organize Your Information into a Searchable Knowledge Base

How many times do you wish you had a convenient way to organize the day-to-day information you come across that you would like to organize for quick recall. Or how many times do you wish you had an easy way to remember your discovered websites from your surfing? Well, now you have a tool to organize this information and more.

Enter neighborhood family names, appliance repair history, your vegetable planting history, a relative's place of employment, whatever.information you think you might like to be able to recall later, but you know it exceeds your memory skills. Or whenever you are surfing the Internet, and if you come across a website you think you would like to save, just enter your URL into your EctoMemory Lite along with a comment and a Category to help you find it.

Then when the time comes when you want to retrieve it, use the searchable form to search for text in the URL or more importantly, your comment. Then select the desired information from reviewing all the matching results of your query, and click on it to open it.

And be one of the first ones to upgrade to EctoMemory Premium when it becomes available. With Premium, you will be able to add your own Categories of information to speed up your searches, as well as being able to add an image to your information.

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